Roleplay in the aftermath of the Demon Wars and face off againts the former Trizerion Empire as they struggle for system-wide rule.
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 Summoning Rules

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Jonathan Seraph DeLauren

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PostSubject: Summoning Rules   Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:42 pm

Rule #1: These rules can and will change if need be.
Rule #2: Obey the limits! If you make a summon that goes above the limits, I will delete it, no warning!
Rule #3: Your summons can only last for a limited amount of time. No "infinite" summons.
Rule #4: Once you've reached the maximum, DO NOT ask for more!!! I will delete one of your summons if you do and inform you that only when you reach the next maximum can you make another one!
Rule #5: Clones are out of the question!! No exceptions!

Ahh shut it!
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Summoning Rules
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