Roleplay in the aftermath of the Demon Wars and face off againts the former Trizerion Empire as they struggle for system-wide rule.
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 Summoning Template/Limits

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Jonathan Seraph DeLauren

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PostSubject: Summoning Template/Limits   Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:37 pm

Summon Name:
SP Cost:


Lvl. 1: 1 Summon
Lvl. 3: 2 Summons
Lvl. 5: 3 Summons
Lvl. 7: 4 Summons
Lvl. 9: 5 Summons
Lvl. 10: 6 Summons

Information: Summons are creatures or friends who help you in battle when you call on their help. Catch is, they can only stick around for a limited amount of time before they have to leave. Use their abilities wisely, as once you've summoned them once, you can't summon them again until they've rested, which can take a while.

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Summoning Template/Limits
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