Roleplay in the aftermath of the Demon Wars and face off againts the former Trizerion Empire as they struggle for system-wide rule.
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 The taste of Blood... *violent* UNFINISHED

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PostSubject: The taste of Blood... *violent* UNFINISHED   The taste of Blood... *violent* UNFINISHED Icon_minitimeThu Jun 04, 2009 2:35 am

NOTE: This contains graphic violence, so if you are offended by violence and have a vivid imagination, don't read

__The taste of blood... It was strong on his tongue and the air was stained with the stench. The streets were painted in the red delicacy, driving Jason insane with every glance. Bodies littered the streets as he wandered, guts spilt everywhere he looked, necks severed, stray limbs everywhere.
__His rampage had led him to a run down city. Poor and over populated by those who could
__Screams. Echoing through the streets, defening against his enhanced hearing, people fleeing the carnage as one by one bodys piled up, though not many would be successful. His blood lust had grown insane since he woke, it was all he could think of, the only need he would take until it was eventually satisfied. It barely crossed his mind that while all of this was happening, his sister slipped away into the night, that his chance to follow her slipped through his fingers.
__His hands were drenched with blood, blood dripping from his fangs, a blade in his right hand, stained crimson, raining red on the soil below, watering the plants with the essence of life, forcibly taken from the innocent citizens. Raising the blade, he placed his tongue against it, sliding it along, cleaning one of the sides, savouring the taste. Flipping it around, he cleaned the other side, eyes laying upon a wounded citizen, crawling away, his left leg sliced clean off. His lips parted, whispering sinisterly toward him, the words seeming to echo within his ears.
__Before the words had even left his lips, he was above the young man, his left hand ripping him up by the scruff of his neck, ripping him up with force, the blade plunging through the middle of his lower back, twisting within his gut, as he sliced it out the right side of his body, blood flowing out instantly, intestines, kidneys, his stomach, all following swiftly, a scream of pain echoing through the desserted street he stood. Lifting the blade to his throat, Jason made a long gash, drinking the blood asif his life depended on it -which it did-
__Throwing the body aside, Jason looked around, starting towards the east, away from where his last few kills had occured. Leaving the bloodied street behind, he ran towards a house, leaping, his foot kicking off the wall as he leaped onto the roof of the neibouring building. Leaping from roof to roof, he searched through the streets for more meals, heading for the source of the screams that constantly pounded his ear drums, only the thought of ending this infernal racket crossing his mind as he mindlessly lept from building to building, street to street, rapidly closing the distance between him and the pathetic, gutless -to be literal, gutfull- citizens.
__The screams died away as people's composures grew and restored, their minds reaching a state where they could think clearly and consider their chances of surviving. Jason slowed and stared over the street below. Citizens! even better, hundreds of them.. He thought to himself, a sadistic smile spreading across his lips as his blade raised, cleaning it with his tongue again.
__Jason ran to the edge, leaping high into the air, plummeting down on the unsuspecting victims below, swiping his blade as he landed, cleaving one of them, a small girl, in half at the waist, guts falling out as she fell dead at his feet. Spinning, he plunged the blade through the chest of an elderly man, twisting it and ripping the blade through the side of his neck, blood splashing the wall behind him as he fell lifeless. Fresh screams started as people watched the bodies fall right before their eyes, fresh bodies piling up with the second as Jason slashed and hacked at the defenceless fools, decapitating one, the head rolling to the gutter, body falling into a pool of it's own blood, slashing another in half, thier intesines and other organs sailing out on a red tide, painting the ground like a sadistic masterpiece.
__As the screams grew, the street piled with corpses, the ground painted red, limbs and guts littering the ground. Running, Jason lept at a fleeing man, snapping his neck in the blink of an eye. He kicked off the man and landed meters behind a woman, only a few 100 meters behind the main bulk. It was no real challenge, he could be there in seconds, but something caught his eye... Gaurds
__Guns gleaming, people started running through the crowd to control the slaughter. A small smile crossed Jason's blood stained face as he shook his head slowly, throwing his blade at the nearest gaurd, striking him through the middle of collar bones, splitting his throat in two inside his body, sending him sprawling to the ground. The others raised their guns, spitting bullets at Jason, missing by barely inches. As he reached the first person, Jason grabbed his wrist, twisting it back, a loud sickly crack producing from the shattered bones. More gunshots...
__Blood. It flew across the street. It flowed down his side. It took him a few minutes to reilise that he had been shot. Falling to his knees, Jason clutched the hole in his side. The shot had blasted through his left kidney and blood was flowing out in rivers, splashing loudly on the ground. With a painful effort, he forced himself up, spinning to his right, running as fast as he could.
__Puffing loudly, Jason slowed in an alley. They weren't far behind but he couldn't take it anymore. Looking up, he saw a low roof. Grabbing for it, he lept, pulling himself up, groaning in pain as blood fell to the alley below. After getting up, he moved to another roof, climbing up higher to get away from the gaurds. As he stood on the third roof up, he turned, jumping the gaps between the houses, heading towards the edge of the city.
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The taste of Blood... *violent* UNFINISHED
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