Roleplay in the aftermath of the Demon Wars and face off againts the former Trizerion Empire as they struggle for system-wide rule.
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 Sapphira Pendragon

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Race: Solamorph (Light)

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PostSubject: Sapphira Pendragon   Sapphira Pendragon Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 3:20 pm

Name: Sapphira Pendragon

Age: 19

Race: Solamorph

Weapon Type: staffs, whips, and guns

Personality: She is a quiet and tortured soul. She sings songs of love and saddness softly to herself. She is a cryptic girl a light being that spends all of her time away from it. She cant stand to be near the light and prefers dark shadowed areas. A smile is never found on her face.

Element of Preference: Light

Secondary Element: Ice

Likes: Solitude, being in twilight, *the hour before the sun rises and again after it sets* singing softly to herself or to kids

Hates: Loud places, overcrowdment, people who hate things jsut because they are what they are

History: Sapphira is a solamorph with a tragic story. At the age of 5 the young girl lost her mother to pneumonia and her father was taken from her during the Demon Wars. At age 10 Sapphira went to stay with her grandmother who happened to be gifted with the element of ice. While she lived with her grandmother Sapphira learned to control ice as well as light. At age 15 her grandmother and only family member alive passed away from old age. At that time she went and stayed with the love of her life, spending 3 loving years with him. One night she and her love went walking down a moonlit road. Holding close to him a smile on her face they walked on. Soon a gust of wind hit them and they huddled close together. Saoohira looked up and standing high on a branch was a vampire. It jumped down and went to take her so he could feast. But instead her love pushed her away and told the vampire to take him instead. Before Sapphira could say her words of protest she watched the vampier take the life of her love through her tear streaked eyes. Now at age 19 Sapphira doesnt get close to anyone for fear that she would lose them. She travels from place to place helping anyway she can.

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PostSubject: Re: Sapphira Pendragon   Sapphira Pendragon Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 4:49 pm

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Sapphira Pendragon
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